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Feb 01, 2012

The new banking distribution layer

There's a great deal of discussion and debate around what will ultimately happen to banking as a result of the massive changes in connectivity, utility, mobility and customer experience taking… READ MORE

Jan 16, 2012

The upside and downside to the digital shift

I'm starting to hear of some very significant digital and multi-channel budgets being put in place by many of the leading retail banking brands in 2012. It's about time! While… READ MORE

Dec 22, 2011

Why snail mail is dying, and taking your identity with it...

There has been a 25% decline in the total mail volume for the USPS (United States Postal Service) from 2006-2011, resulting in a $5.1 Billion loss in 2011 alone.¬†Since 2007… READ MORE

Nov 23, 2011

Who's easier to save, a banker or a dictator?

Bankers often talk about the 'trust' consumers have in banking as a defining characteristic of why customers give banks their money instead of simply keeping it under a mattress. Some… READ MORE

Nov 09, 2011

Your online marketing and website don't work...

There's generally a very poor understanding of the dynamics of the role of the website in retail financial services interactions today. There is an acceptance that 'some' customers use the… READ MORE

Oct 19, 2011

Transparency, Broken Risk and the Loss of Physicality

Recently I've been discussing with bankers, economists, strategists and futurists the future of the banking industry. At a time when we've got the likes of the "Occupation of Wall St"… READ MORE

Sep 08, 2011

When a Telco becomes a better bank...

The¬†announcement that the Canadian carrier Rogers Telecom has applied for a banking license should hardly come as a shock to the retail banking fraternity. There is already a plethera of… READ MORE

Sep 02, 2011

Will the US be the last to go cashless?

Although it is a long-time off yet, we can now envisage a time when most of the developed world, and indeed most of the developing world will no longer deal… READ MORE

Aug 11, 2011

The Modality Shift of Banking - Conclusion

As we detach ourselves from physical artifacts associated with traditional businesses, traditional distribution models rapidly fail. The fact that you own or participate in a network or virtual monopoly that… READ MORE

Aug 03, 2011

US Banks wasting Billions on preventable fraud

The US is enamored with outdated and costly modality that is costing Billions in lost revenue and fraud. While many argue the business case for moving to technology like EMV… READ MORE

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