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Listen to our discussion on RegTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), KYC / AML and more with Reetu Khosla of Pegasystems and Henri Arslanian of PwC on Breaking Banks - the #1 fintech podcast https://www.breakingbanks.com


Nov 27, 2018

RegTech Goes AI

This week, Brett King hosts Reetu Khosla, one of the leading players in RegTech AI development at Pegasystems, a US listed Fintech, talking RegTech and the scope of AI development. Then,… LEARN MORE

Listen to our interview with Byron Reese of GigaOm, author of he Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity on Breaking Banks - the #1 fintech podcast https://www.breakingbanks.com


Aug 30, 2018

Fintech and the Fourth Age

Brett King hosts "Uber Influencer" Spiros Margaris, discussing which economies and regions are leading adaption to fintech and AI. Then, we're joined by bestselling author Byron Reese - CEO of… LEARN MORE

Will you be my friend? Listen to episode #237 of Breaking Banks - the first global fintech podcast and #1 business show on VoiceAmerica - LIVE podcast Thursdays at 3pm ET http://www.breakingbanks.com #fintech #finance #banking #innovation #tech #ai #artificialintelligence #robot #chatbot #customerexperience #voicefirst #digitaltransformation #creditunions #communitybank


May 10, 2018

Will You Be My Friend?

Ask any couple: relationships are complex, and in the financial services industry, relationships are a critical component of most financial institutions’ customer strategy. What happens when that relationship isn’t with… LEARN MORE

Listen to our interview with Ben Goertzel, Founder and CEO of SingularityNET on Breaking Banks - the #1 fintech podcast https://www.breakingbanks.com #breakingbanks #fintech #podcast #business #radio #SingularityNET #AI #Robotics #SophiaTheRobot #Sophia #Robots #ArtificialIntelligence #Futurism


Dec 21, 2017

AI and Robots with Ben Goertzel

Merry Christmas from Breaking Banks! We are celebrating the future this holiday. Will your next bank teller be a robot?   Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of Singularity/Net a… LEARN MORE


Nov 17, 2017

NTT Data presents Breaking Banks at Money 2020 pt 2

NTT Data sponsored Breaking Banks at Money 2020 to catch a word with the movers and shakers in the Fintech industry. In this second part we are talking to some… LEARN MORE


Oct 13, 2017

AI is coming to help!

There is little question that AI will loom large in our future. It is already present in almost all the new technologies we rely on. The question is whether that… LEARN MORE


Jul 28, 2017

Faster Payments with Fintech

The Faster Payments Task Force of the Federal Reserve  just released its final report with proposals to be adopted by 2020.   Today, Ron Shevlin hosts a member of that… LEARN MORE


Jul 21, 2017

Plug and Play- Fintech

Nestled right in the heart of Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is the world's largest tech accelerator.  Sometimes called University 165, it has given early homes to some of the… LEARN MORE


Jul 14, 2017

200 Episodes of Fintech!

We are celebrating our 200th episode today!   Brett is hosting Chris Skinner, Dave Birch, and Sam Maule  (all show regulars) to discuss how much has changed since we launched… LEARN MORE


Jun 16, 2017

Crazy Cryptocurrency and Watson fixes Regtech

No one can decide if ICOs have caused cryptocurrrencies to really "arrive" or if this is just a cryptocurrency bubble. Today, we have people to help us make sense of… LEARN MORE

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