Jan 16, 2013

Two big predictions

Ron Shevlin (@rshevlin) and Jim Bruene (@netbanker) and I have been back and forth Ron's article today on so-called NeoChecking Account and the news of the GoBank (http://www.gobank.com) launch here in… READ MORE

Dec 10, 2012

Millions of consumers soon won't need a bank account

Traditionally, if you wanted to move money around, save cash, pay a bill, purchase something at a store, or otherwise have some sort of systemic access to your cash as… READ MORE

Oct 22, 2012

Banks can’t compete with digital for advice

There’s a long held premise that branches are great channels for advice, that this is the one differentiation that bank branches provide that the Internets could never compete with. There… READ MORE

Oct 07, 2012

Gen-M: the abandonment of “touch and feel" and the emergence of "see and hear"

Baby Boomers and Gen-X have in common the need to experience life in all it’s glory. Whether that is born out of a sense of adventure, the need for tactile… READ MORE

Sep 24, 2012

Why Apple’s NFC snub might hurt the banks and networks more than ever?

I’ve always maintained that Near Field Communication (NFC) was attractive for both the banks acting as acquirers and issuers, and ultimately the networks themselves. Particularly in the US marketplace. Why?… READ MORE

Aug 10, 2012

Movenbank Announces Completion of US$2.41m Seed Round Funding

Movenbank Previews CRED ‘credibility’ score at www.whatiscred.com  NEW YORK, USA (10th August 2012) - Brett King, CEO and Founder of Movenbank, and American Banker’s Bank Technology News “Financial Innovator of… READ MORE

Aug 08, 2012

What the Square and Starbucks alliance means for payments...

Square and Starbucks just announced their intent to form a partnership for the purpose of improving or 'revolutionizing' in-store payments around the approximately 1,700 retail stores and 5,000 other points… READ MORE

Aug 01, 2012

What will it take to restore trust in the banking system?

I grew up in a world where a run on the ‘bank’ was never realistically going to happen. I grew up in a world where when someone wished to declare… READ MORE

Jun 20, 2012

Why Facebook dropped Credits, and why FB is more important than ever (for Banks)

It was announced yesterday that Facebook is going to start phasing out their Facebook Credits system. If you've been watching my commentary over the last few years, I had entertained… READ MORE

Jun 04, 2012

Brett King named Innovator of the Year by American Banker

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 29, 2012 Brett King, renowned author of BANK 2.0 and CEO and Founder of Movenbank, was this month named the Top Innovator of the Year… READ MORE

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