Feb 07, 2010

Banking's biggest challenge - Marketing 2.0 (HuffPost)

There are some massive changes occurring in the banking space today, but none so dramatic as what is happening in marketing and advertising. Direct mail offerings have been declining rapidly… READ MORE

Jan 31, 2010

Would Google make a better bank? (HuffPost Blog)

Many feel today that the big banks have got too big, have lost touch with their customers. They seem more interested in speculating on the assets they hold to create… READ MORE

Jan 28, 2010

Mobile Apps Force Retail Banks to Rethink Their Roles...

I see a lot of banks tacking on mobile internet banking apps at the moment - call it the me-too trend of mobile banking. Max McKeown in his book The… READ MORE

Jan 26, 2010

What DAVOS needs to do, but won't

Looking through the World Economic Forum Programme for this coming weekend there are some incredible speakers and topics. James Cameron will be there to talk about directing Avatar. Reid Hoffman… READ MORE

Jan 20, 2010

The wrong type of innovation

The financial crisis of recent times was arguably triggered by innovation in the financial services sector around creative financial instruments. These so-called CDOs and ABS' ended being unhinged from the… READ MORE

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