Jul 22, 2010

UK Book Signing and Free Drinks! - LONDON 22nd July. 6:30pm

If you are in the UK on the 22nd of July, 6:30-8pm come along to the official launch of BANK 2.0 in London. The event will be held at the… READ MORE

Jul 19, 2010

Is Customer Experience innovation too hard for UK banks?

When you read a definition of Customer Experience you invariably will see two elements - the lifetime experience of the customer, and the total experience of the customer day to… READ MORE

Jul 15, 2010

What banks can learn from mobile unbanked success stories...

Mobile banking for the unbanked is HUGE! M-PESA now has over 10 million customers and 18,000 retail outlets, mainly in Africa, but they are already expanding beyond their African roots.… READ MORE

Jul 12, 2010

CNBC Europe TV - Strictly Money, July 12th 11:30am

Watch my BANK 2.0 interview on CNBC Europe's Strictly Money segment today, July 12th at 11:45am. CNBC Coverage Let me know your thoughts about the UK Banking sector and whether… READ MORE

Jul 06, 2010

Social Media and Bank Compliance Departments - Eternal Enemies?

This is the dilemma. Today there are those of us trying to improve customer experience, knowing full well that compliance departments are citing risk mitigation, regulations and laws, bank policy… READ MORE

Jun 30, 2010

Branch Networks: Where do we go from here - Part 2

In my recent discussions on branches I got some reader feedback that some have apparently interpreted my positive reporting of the effectiveness of direct channels as evidence that I am… READ MORE

Jun 28, 2010

Branch Networks: Where do we go from here?

I’ve spent the better part of the last three months meeting and talking to some of the best and brightest bankers in Australia, Asia, UK and the USA and what… READ MORE

Jun 24, 2010

SME Banking in the Cloud

By better integrating customer learning and moving SME accounts management to the cloud, a bank could provide a range of great services that really help SMEs manage their businesses and… READ MORE

Jun 16, 2010

BANK 2.0: Mobile AdServing or Mobile Offer Management?

With the massive activity in the mobile Ad space arena at the moment, I’m amazed that there is so little focus on this by Bank marketing teams.  It shows a… READ MORE

Jun 15, 2010

Mobile Data Plans are all wrong...

In a Wired article back in 1993 George Gilder predicted that Bandwidth would eventually be free. I believe that bandwidth will eventually be so cheap that it is effectively free,… READ MORE

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