May 20, 2011

It's hard to change the world, but it is still changing...

My pals at BankSimple soft launched their debit cards internally for their staff this week, which is big news because it signifies the acceleration of the big shift in the… READ MORE

May 09, 2011

Why Apple must incorporate NFC into their next iPhone

On 14th of March 2011, The Independent newspaper from the UK published an article suggesting that the iPhone 5 would not include Near-Field Communication (NFC) capability. A few days later… READ MORE

Apr 27, 2011

The Best–Practice Engagement Bank

Recently when I posted on reforming customer journeys in the banking space I got some push-back for using Apple as an example of best practice. Surely there are banks I… READ MORE

Apr 14, 2011

Curse of the Innovator

Recently we've been discussing at many organizations what it takes to get innovation done in large businesses with embedded behavior and practices. One side of the coin is obviously the… READ MORE

Apr 08, 2011

The path to social media success

Ok, so the feedback from Finextra's #finxsm event this week is that we're finally coming to grips with the fact that Social Media isn't going to disappear into the night… READ MORE

Apr 06, 2011

Private Banking 2.0

Since the emergence of online banking there has been a fundamental assertion from high-net-worth bankers that their clients aren't digitally focused, they don't use social media or mobile banking, and… READ MORE

Apr 01, 2011

UK Olympics to trial new RFID biochips embedded under athletes skin

In the latest attempt to capitalize on the NFC and RFID hype, the rumor mill has exploded with news that the IOC and the team behind the London Olympics is… READ MORE

Mar 25, 2011

I'm more likely to pay for Apps on iTunes than get a divorce...

There's a much quoted line in the UK banking market that you are more likely to get divorced than change current accounts. This comes from the statistic that around 75%… READ MORE

Mar 14, 2011

Will Apple delay NFC in the iPhone5?

There's rumours flying around about Apple possibly pulling out of their previous NFC (Near-Field Communications) launch commitment for the iPhone 5. Of course, Apple has neither substantiated or denied these… READ MORE

Mar 13, 2011

SXSWi: Banking on Innovation

South-by-Southwest's Interactive sessions in Austin, TX are a major creative and customer-focused experience. The amount of networking that is taking place, the amount of active innovation and discussion on taking… READ MORE

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